Pigna Envelopes operates in the paper industry since 1839 and manufactures envelopes.
Envelopes S.p.a. was initially created as the “Envelopes Division” of the former Cartiere Paolo Pigna S.p.a. paper mill.
Pigna Envelopes tradition goes back a long way: since 1839 it manufactures a wide variety of business and pocket envelopes, for automated- and traditional insertion. The product line consists of standard envelopes, always in stock, and custom-made products that match the customer’s needs.

Pigna Envelopes production site is located in Tolmezzo (Udine) on an area of 46,700 m², with a capacity of 2 billion envelopes per year.

Envelopes, thanks to its experience, reliability and a sound network of distributers, is now an industry leader, supplying Italy’s major institutions and companies, such as banks, insurance companies, public and private institutions, as well as many of Italy’s most important Postal Services.


  • Meet customer's need, always
  • Consider all our associates as our "central core"
  • Look for constant improvement in all our actions
  • Operate respecting team spirit
  • Act with full integrity, always
  • Build our succes taking into account sustainability

More specifically, what does Pigna Envelopes manufacture?

We are specialized in the production of envelopes for high speed mail inserting machines. The different shapes of our envelopes match the requirements of all type of inserters on the market, such as: Kern, Bowe, Pitney, Bowes, Bell + Howell, Stielow, etc.

This last year we made a great effort to improve our production plants with relevant technological investments to match and, if possible, anticipate the evolution of the envelope industry according to mass communication needs.

Our daily production capacity is 8,5 million+ items, in both reel and flat sheet versions, manufactured in 18 different plants: ready to fulfil any order.

Paper mail envelopes: standard and/or custom size

  • Made of white and/or coloured paper or of any other kind
  • With or without windows
  • With or without inside printing
  • With inside or outside flexo-, litho-/offset, typography, screen-, etc. printing
  • Sealing by moistenable glue or peel & seal with Hot Melt technology hot glue or cold glue

Paper pocket envelopes: standard and/or custom size

  • Made of white uncoated paper, white kraft paper, avana kraft paper, larch paper
  • With or without inside printing
  • With gussets and/or square bottom
  • With or without windows
  • Sealing by moistenable glue or peel & seal with Hot Melt technology hot glue or cold glue
  • With inside or outside flexo-, litho-/offset- printing

Since 1839 in the paper industry

Wide range of business, pocket and filing envelopes

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Pigna Envelopes S.p.a.

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